Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to remove sticker from laptop

A family friend of ours came to our house selling his mom's laptop. The laptop is kinda old but he sold it to us for only $100 so we decided to buy it so we can have another laptop in the house. I like the laptop because it looked like it was well taken cared of. The only thing I didn't like about it is the huge green ugly sticker on it. I can't stand looking at the sticker so I decided to remove it the night we bought it. Here are the steps on how I removed the sticker:

1. I gently pulled the sticker little by little.
2. I rubbed the glue residue with cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. The alcohol made it easier for me scrape the remaining residue with plastic knife.
3. After removing the residue, I applied baby oil and WD-40 to smoother the surface .
4. I wiped the surface clean with rag.

Here is the picture of before and after:

NOTE: Notice that you can still see the mark of the sticker, that is because the sticker was there for years. If the sticker was there for only less than a year, you probably won't see any mark.

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