Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Mother's Prayer

Dear Lord,

When I was single my prayer to you was to meet the right man, prayer granted. When I got married, my next prayer was for me and my husband to have a baby, prayer granted. Before I delivery the baby, my prayer to you was to have a safe delivery, prayer granted. Thank you so much Lord for always being there with me for not failing me.

Today, I am here again asking you to please cure my son's kidney. I know I ask too much but this time I am not asking for myself, I am asking for my son who needs you . I know that you are the only one that can help and cure my son and I know that you know that all I want for my son is his own goodness.

There are times that I have to hide myself in tears in front of my happy son because I don't want to ruin his happiness and I don't want him to see me weak. Please Lord, I would rather have what my son has right now than he having the kidney problem he has. I don not care at all if I suffer from illness as long as my son is safe and healthy. I believe that you are the Divine Physician and the healer of the sick. Please have mercy on my son and bless him. Please touch him with your healing touch including all the kids that are suffering from illness.

In the name of Jesus Christ, King of Kings, please hear and bless this prayer O Heavenly Father. Amen.

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